Friday, 1 January 2016

Knitting Woollen Chain Mail

The lovely Lady Philippa set out upon a quest
To find for Bold Sir Gordon, the perfect chain mail vest.
She cast her wondrous web throughout the internet, 
Sustained by cups of coffee and perhaps, a cigarette.

At last she spied on Ravelry, a peerless pattern plan,
The very thing in which to dress her dear, historic man.
With cries of hope (and mirth), she summoned up her sister
Fran, a fibre freak, well versed in curious knitwear.

Only Herdwick carpet wool of toughest gray would do,
Her ten millimetre needles positively flew.
With sheepy scent and hairy twist well suited to this duty
It knitted up in no time into chain mail of great beauty.

A cunning coif was fashioned, fit for a fiftieth party,
A mediaevel birthday gift with good wishes warm and hearty.
The table groaned with roasted meat, the guests drank flagons full
Sir Gordon led the dancing, magnificent in wool.


  1. Well I might believe the turkey picture....but for the fact that there is a mobile on the need to talk to your props people Fran.

    Happy New Year to you and yours....especially Elinor!


    1. Hi Jaki - she is prepared to suffer much for art, but my sister is never parted from her phone. Happy New Year!

  2. hm, let's hope that the mighty knight won't get into any fights, or even the strong herdwick "maille" won't last:) happy new year - and always enough fibres in the basket to work with:)

    1. Plenty of fibres - New Year resolution is to organise and catalogue, starting with clearing out the attic. I may be some time ....